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Also be aware that this "Ingram Spark" version is slightly different from the free ones handed out at Breyerfest -> the interior pages are high quality but matte finish, not glossy finish. You can order a glossy finish copy from Blurb below that is nearly identical to the free handouts however Blurb's cost is almost $16 more with shipping.
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PDF versions - a free pdf link can be provided to you - it's a REALLY HUGE file though! Too big for me to host or to email but a dropbox link can be mailed. It's almost too big for a CD too (high quality images). Contact editor@modelhorsedirectory.com

Want to be in 2016?

I may be sporadic in answering emails until March & April as this is not my day job! :) I just take a few weeks off from sculpting (and shipping etc etc), thus I really like to not let it interrupt my day job until I take this time off to put on my publisher hat. I promise I won't leave you hanging though and questions about ads are especially important to resolve early! Those can start any time really, just please have some patience and allow days, even up to weeks for me to answer your questions prior to Feb 2016. IMPORTANTLY though -> Payments won't be due until that April deadline.

Thanks so very much to all those who helped out in distribution and of course especially to all those who provided the really fabulous ads that make it so exciting! Even the printing house was enlightened as to how amazing model horses have gotten since they collected! (Yes some of the printers staff had Breyers when they were kids!). Growing the hobby is what it's all about - thank you guys for helping to make this possible!!!

Think of it like Model Horse Hobby's Very Own version of the Phone Book's Yellow Pages -> It's the model horse hobby business pages with the ads in glossy FULL COLOR!


A Model Horse Directory to be printed in magazine quality gloss paper in full color and handed out at Breyerfest 2016! After Breyerfest it will also be available online year round or for you to order at cost in print at any time. Something hobbyists can hold in their hands and peruse to for years to come!

Check out the Demo of the Directory & How the Ordering Will Work Here with some example ads & listings!!! For suggestions or questions please contact editor@modelhorsedirectory.com

Call Out Now to:

  • Artisans of All Kinds!
  • Tack Makers! Propmakers!
  • Painters to Preppers! Dealers! & More!

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1500 Copies Will Be Distributed FREE At Breyerfest 2016!

See examples online of ad sizes, sample ads and articles, click here to view mock up as PDF click here:
Font type and sizes of the listings in the actual 2016 directory may differ in order to meet size constraints.

The MHD will be printed out and handed out free at Breyerfest (for limited quantities) and also available to view or even order at cost later on Blurb (cost will vary drastically due to size of issue being unknown until all ads are in! It could be from $15 to $75 for example!). We also plan to offer it to view online at any time through either websites such as Blurb or possibly another flipbook format with previews such as the one below (click image to see enlarged)

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Who is this "editor"? My name is Morgen Kilbourn and eventually I hope to be part of a bigger team in bringing this directory to the hobby! Right now it's just me facing this big scary task but my goal and business model is to expand to over time if the directory can pay for its costs and not be extremely time consuming. For this reason (gaining partners at any time, and for my sanity to keep all dealings regarding this as a separate entity) please direct all contact information regarding the directory to: editor@modelhorsedirectory.com

Payments will also be made to entirely different paypal accounts and snail mail addresses also. Information on this coming August 1st.

For more thoughts and off the cuff commentary, please read the editor's note in the demo directory (links to the left).